Fuzzi SPA

Fuzzi SPA A Socio Unico, the manufacturing company founded in 1954, is an excellent example of Made in Italy tailoring and a garantee of high quality.

Anna Maria Fuzzi who has been at the side of Jean Paul Gaultier for 30 years having produced his knitwear and jersey collections, now presents a capsule collection of soft, elegant and feminine garments. The material used is the stretch tulle that Anna Maria Fuzzi first used in a modern  way making it a must in the fashion world.

Impalpable and as light as a whisper, the tulle offers a comfortable fit, is crease resistant, adaptable to all occasions and is a great seductive ally of feminine fascination.

Fuzzi’s signature tulle mesh embrace floral and abstract prints and color and it allows for not only the ease and movement of a dancer’s wardrobe, it can be hand washed and emerge from a women’s suitcase completely un-wrinkled.

Fuzzi spa a Socio Unico
Via Degli Ippocastani 388
47842 San Giovanni in Marignano (Rn) Italy
Tel. +39 0541 965811
Fax +39 0541 965808
Mail: fuzzi@fuzzi.it
Registered with the Rimini Chamber of Commerce under Economic Index R.E.A. n.179029
Capital € 2.500.00,00
VAT no. 00915020408
ISO Code IT 00915020408
Cod. Mecc. RN 000350